Why We Love Flowers

February 6, 2021

Flowers they do make our daily lives much more pleasant and beautiful and make out planet a very beautiful place. Flowers and man have had a very close intrinsic relationship from time immemorial. Ancient civilisations of the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians etc. all used flowers in their rituals and customs. They were used to decorate and refresh the interiors of palaces and homes. Flowers were used for special celebrations and events and also funerals as they still are done. Flowers have played a crucial role in human cultures and continue to be of significance in our modern lives. Now the most exotic flowers are sold by florists and travel across the world to different corners of the earth.

The next time you visit a florist and wonder what draws you to these beautiful natural creations consider the following:

Flowers inspire us with their beauty, different shades of colour and pleasing fragrances. Human sensory receptors are influenced by beautiful shapes and colours and our olfactory senses are stimulated by the natural fragrances that emanate from flowers.

Flowers are the easiest and most convenient way to express our gratitude or love to family or friends or even that someone special. Flowers like roses have for long been associated with love and romance, and still continue to charm those that receive it.

They make excellent gifts to uplift the mood and relieve anxiety. It probably has to do with their soothing colours and pleasing fragrances. They are excellent stress busters. When highly stressed visit a serene colourful garden with beautiful flowers and you will find the stress and tension dissipate.