Tyre Services

February 4, 2021

Buying a new set of tires can be pricey and set you back by a hefty sum of money. For those looking to trim corners, a good alternative is to opt for used or part-worn tyres as they are generally referred to.  A new tyre especially the more popular brands can be rather expensive and changing them either as a pair or the complete set will be expensive. If it is a punctured tyre these can be repaired easily. Tyre repair is a good option for tyres that get an occasional puncture.

However, if there have been multiple punctures over a period time it shows the tyre is weak or worn and needs replacement. For those looking to cut down on expenses and interested in opting for a used or part-worn tyre a few things to look out for are:

Examine the treads for wear:  the first thing to inspect in a used tyre is the tread wear. If the tyre is less used it will offer a lot of mileage over a long duration. If the tread is uneven or the shoulders worn out, it could raise a few problems in clearing the vehicle’s MoT. Besides you might also have to fork out for a new tyre in a few months’ time. The norm is 8mm of tread, with a recommendation to replace a tyre when it is down to 3mm. Anything less is not even to be considered.

Check the sidewall: Another area to examine is the sidewalls. Examine the sidewalls for abrasions, loose rubber or deep cuts, both internally and externally.

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