Tyre service

February 6, 2021

Tyre Fitters are people who do tyre fitting of the motor vehicle parts and accessories. Precisely, tyre fitters work with cars to fit tyres onto vehicles. They also carry out tyre repairs as needed. There are numerous mobile tyre fitting services near Edinburgh, whom you can call if you need some help in fitting tyres. Not only the fitting of the tyres, but it is also equally important that the tyres that you choose are of the best quality.

Things to consider before buying new tyres –

Make sure that the diameter of the new tyre is as close to the original as possible. This will help to protect your drive shaft and suspension. As the size of the tyre can affect man things like – load index, extra load, low profile, and speed ratings, therefore, it is really important that you choose the tyre wisely.

Before getting the new tyre you must ask yourself what is the weather like of the place where you stay. Is it cold/hot? Does it rain too much? After answering all these questions, you must choose the tyre accordingly.

These day tubeless tyres have come in the market. In case of a puncture, a tubeless tyre is less probable to lose air faster and therefore is more reliable. Therefore, it is a better idea to go with these types of tyres.

Before getting the new tyres fitted get your car checked. If you put new tyres on a car, which has issues with alignment, suspension or braking, then you risk damaging them unless you first correct the problems.

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