The Chelsea Flower Show

February 6, 2021

There always are a host of reasons to want to visit The Chelsea Flower show, whether you are passionate about gardening or a nature lover looking forward to seeing the excellent collection of flowers on display. A visit to the show offers everything to know about gardens, plants and flowers. It comes as no surprise that professional florists also make it a point to attend and learn something new.

So many unique presentations and designs: One of the most exciting things about visiting the Chelsea Flower Show is that there always is something new and unique to be found every year. Over the years these have included the Wuhan Water Garden, The Magical Tower Garden, the Plasticine Garden and this year one of the highlights that generated the most buzz was the Duchess of Cambridge’s Back to Nature Garden that she co-designed with landscape artists Adam White and Andree Davies.  There always is a surprise or two in store, making it one of the most exciting floral shows in the country.

Great shopping: The Flower Show is not just about flowers and plants as there also is an opportunity to buy the latest gardening products in the horticultural industry and interact with the manufacturers. Whether you are someone that is new to gardening or a professional florist there is plenty of shopping options including the latest tools and gardening equipment to choose from. There are rare artefacts and even antiques catering to a wide variety of budgets along with several limited edition pieces as well.