Foreign Language

Private Spanish & French Tuition by Vanessa Alexander

20th December 2018

Learning a new language is an asset


In a world without borders, globalisation and easy mobility, learning a new language is definitely an asset. Apart from being useful when we travel, it does help to improve career prospects more so if you plan to learn a foreign language that is of use in your professional life.

Two of the most widely spoken languages across the world are French and Spanish. While Brexit may have the UK exit the EU, there will still be expats working in Spain and France. If you want to boost your resume you could choose between opting for French tuition or Spanish tuition by a highly experienced foreign languages teacher like Vanessa Alexander.


Some of the additional benefits include:


Improve our mental faculties: Learning a new language involves completely new grammar, syntax, sentence structure and vocabulary etc. The mind has to absorb new content while trying to figure out the meaning and ways to communicate. Two key areas that improve are problem-solving and cognitive thinking.


Increases memory: The fact is the more you exercise your memory the better it will be. The oft-repeated phrase ‘Use it or lose it’ does hold true! The more you exercise your cerebral abilities the more it will exercise your memory. A new language is a perfect way to give your memory a mental workout.


Improve multitasking: People proficient in different languages that switch from one language to another find multitasking much easier. Since switching from one language to another is demanding it helps the mind to multitask.