6th March 2019

If you plan to become a Pilates teacher selecting the right Pilates class to learn can be a bit of a challenge. There are plenty of Pilates Studios and teachers that make it difficult to decide which to learn from.

A few tips that will come in handy to find a suitable certification program are:

Visit different classes: Before signing up with an instructor make it a point to visit a number of different classes. This will give exposure to various teaching styles. If any particular teacher impresses you, ask the teacher where they trained and if they would recommend the same training course for you.

Meet the main instructor: Ask to meet the principal trainer of the Pilates studio or workshop and if possible join them for any training sessions they take. It will give you a decent idea of their teaching style and you can decide if it will suit your training requirements and also help to stay motivated.

Content and time: You need to decide how much time daily can you comfortably allocate to attending the course classes. Would you prefer training on weekdays or would the weekend better suit your needs? Also, find out about the course duration and if any extra home learning also needs to be done. There even are companies that offer online courses so you need to assess if this would something you will be comfortable to learn from. While certain aspects can be done at home through self-learning, it is always best to get trained with the instructor present.