Money Back

Money Back Service

11th March 2019

People that have been scammed and are victims of trading scams will be aware of the difficulty in trying to recover the sum of money they have lost. If you have been a client of any unethical online trading company or Forex company getting your money back can prove to a challenge. Money recovery from such fraudulent traders is one of the most difficult tasks because in most cases as the client you authorised them to conduct the transaction. These scammers are pros experts in deception and building personal rapport to earn the trust of unsuspecting clients.

The good news is you can still engage the services of a professional money recovery service to recoup the money you have lost. The recovery company will raise a chargeback with the bank under the condition that the client will receive a refund if the recovery service is unable to do so. In a regular case where a credit card is stolen and used to make a purchase, the customer can contact the bank and file a complaint about the fraud.  The department issues a chargeback and money sent to the client’s account. After the bank confirms the purchase details with the merchant that states the purchase was made by a different person, the money remains with the client and the case closed.

On the other hand, when the client is defrauded by a trading company and the payment was made with the client’s permission, the bank generally will refuse to issue a chargeback. That is where the expertise of the money recovery service comes into play. They build an airtight case that will compel the bank to file a chargeback case.