Indian Food

February 6, 2021

If Indian food has taken off anywhere it is the UK with Indian cuisine growing in popularity all across the nation. Indian takeaway joints are mushrooming all over the place with probably the most popular takeaway dish being the Curry. The great thing about Indian cuisines is its diversity that stems from the varied topography and cultural influences that inhabit India.

Some of the lesser-known aspects of Indian culinary fare include:

The number favourite across the nation is Chicken Tikka Masala when it comes to curries in the UK. Not many are aware that the origins of the dish are closer to home than they can possibly imagine, with the honours going to Glasgow in Scotland.

As per Indian culinary experts, the human palate can distinguish six types of tastes. These include salty, sour, spicy, sweet, astringent and bitter.

India is a treasure trove for exotic spices since ancient times. These were exported all over the world in early times including Europe. The country accounts for 70% of the spices traded in the world.

The 28 states that make up the Indian nation have their own culinary traditions and use ingredients exclusive to their regional cuisines. Similarly, they also have different cooking styles and spices. This results in the country having an eclectic variety of tastes and dishes.

Harking back to the popularity of the Chicken Tikka Masala, of every seven curry dishes sold it is one, making it the uncontested winner hands down in popularity.