EndoScopic Ear Wax Removal

February 6, 2021

Modern medicine has been revolutionised with the introduction of endoscopy to treat a number of ailments and diagnose health conditions in individuals. Endoscopic ear wax removal has become increasingly popular as a method to clean the ear of wax and other detritus that accumulate in the ear canal. Generally, the procedure takes anywhere between 10-25 minutes, subject to the quantity of wax and its location in the eardrum. It has replaced earlier ear wax removal methods like ear wax syringing and is a far more effective method of cleaning the ear.

Some of the benefits of opting for endoscopic ear wax removal include:

Unlike previous methods of ear irrigation or syringing that flush out ear wax blindly, endoscopic removal is precise and the blockage is viewed using an endoscope while removing it. This makes it much faster, safer and comfortable. Additional benefits of E-suction and endoscopic wax removal include:

A better and wider view of the eardrum and canal

Preclude the requirement to use ear drops before the treatment, unlike ear irrigation or syringing, which need drops to be used for a number of days. Very rarely will the consulting ENT recommend using ear drops before the endoscopic cleaning procedure.

No liquid is flushed into the canal as with ear irrigation or syringing. The entire process is dry and this helps to diminish the risk of ear infections or inadvertently pushing the wax deeper into the ear canal.

It is safe to use for those with conditions like a perforated eardrum, cleft palate or mastoid cavity etc.