Corian Fabrication

Corian Fabrication

11th March 2019

Ask any fabricators of worktops in the UK and they will recommend Corian as their choice of material. Extremely versatile it is perfect for use both commercially and domestically. It comes in a myriad of exciting designs and colours. From worktops to kitchens, the bathroom to accessories and even building cladding, it is the ideal material to use. One of the most attractive features of the material is it can be moulded to any shape or design.

Maintenance wise it is one of the easiest materials to use. It is composed of high-quality acrylics and minerals that make it extremely resilient. Since its surface, it non-porous stains and dirt do not collect on it so there are no stains or marks on the surface. Even any minor scratches can be wiped away through the use of a special Corian solution. The patterns and colours never wear off and just a little effort will leave it is good as brand new.

The material comes in sheets and any professional Corian fabricator can fabricate the material with woodworking tools. Whatever design or texture is needed, can be created by curving, engraving and giving the material form. The great part of Corian is it can include the addition of images through a specialised process of dye sublimation.

Because it is non-porous in nature, seamless and with a smooth surface, any type of liquid cannot penetrate the material. Therefore no mould or bacteria can form and it is one of the most hygienic materials to use at home or your business.