Car Services

February 6, 2021

Getting your car serviced on a regular basis ensures the vehicle’s average and performance is trouble-free and also can help to prevent expensive breakdowns. Whether you opt for garage service for your car in Islington or the Isle of Wight, there are certain standard services they will offer. Some of them might even deal with used cars as well.

A few of the regular types of services to expect include:

General repairs: A professional garage will undertake a variety of mechanical repairs for practically all kinds of models and makes of vans and cars. These would include but not be limited to gearbox overhaul (manual/auto), in-car audio systems, welding, sensors fittings, auto electrics, wheel bearings among many other types of general repairs.

MOT Tests: For vehicle over 3 years it is mandatory to undergo an annual Ministry of Transport (MOT) test. This checks the roadworthiness, the safety of the vehicle and emissions. They would offer a well-equipped MOT test facility. Some of them may even offer additional facilities like a re-test if the car is serviced at the garage.

Different servicing plans: They also might have a variety of different car servicing plans to suits the need and budgets of car owners. These may include seasonal checks and minor servicing to keep the car in shipshape all throughout the year.

Air conditioning unit servicing: They will have a team of skilled technicians to drain and refill the air con unit and clean any bacteria present in the unit. They also check if the condenser and compressor are in perfect working condition.

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