Car Repair Service

February 6, 2021

As any car owner in the UK is aware car repairs can be an expensive affair. Even with a regular maintenance schedule there always is the risk of a car break down when you least expect it. For those staying in smaller towns in the UK e.g. Maidstone in Kent finding a suitable car repair mechanic can be a bit of a challenge.

A few tips to select a Maidstone car repair garage are:

Select the right time: When you plan a visit to your car repair Maidstone agency choose a suitable time to visit. E.g. if you need to discuss an issue at length with the mechanic opt for a less busy time. Late in the morning or even early afternoon would be ideal. Visiting early when cars are dropped off and late evening, when they get picked up, would be ill-advised. The mechanics will be too busy to spare you sufficient time.

Be clear about the issue: If you want a general service tell the mechanic that the car just needs to be serviced. However, if you have a more specific problem like a faulty clutch or a problem with the braking system etc. be specific when mentioning your problem. While the mechanic will generally check the condition of the car, it is always best to specify a problem with the vehicle if need be.

Ask for an estimate: As costs tend to vary from garage to garage and the work to be done always ask for an estimate before getting the job done. Compare it with at least two other garages and then make your choice.

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