Accountancy Services

29th January 2019

One of the best business decisions a small business owner can make is hiring a professional accountancy service to manage the financial aspects of the business. Business owners do not have a strong background in accounting and finances are best left to hiring a professional accountancy service to do the job. Managing the accounts of any business has too many minefields to navigate and even a minor slip up can create both legal and financial issues.

Engaging the services of an accountant will help to manage VAT returns, personal tax returns, bookkeeping and company tax returns among other tax-related areas.

Some of the things to look out for when hiring an accountant are:

Experience: While it may seem a bit harsh the fact is that experience definitely does matter in a complex field like accounting. Hiring an accountant with ample experience in the area of dealing with small businesses will ensure they know the challenges. An experienced small business accountant will be perfect for the job.

Ask for references: References always do matter and they certainly count when for an important part of the business like accounting. These are of relevance as they will give you an insight into how the accountant has helped similar businesses like yours. The references should be of businesses of a similar niche and structure. Bu contacting and speaking to other referenced business owners you can determine if the accountant has the skillsets to benefit your business.

The number of people handling the account: The last thing you need is to be on an accounting carousel with different people handling your business accounts. The account should be handled by a single individual and this should be confirmed before hiring them for the business.

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